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2017 : The language of Art

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Series : The Language of Art

The Art Exhibition at The pavilions Phuket

The Pavilions Art & Culture Foundation introducing a collective of Phuket Artists - Map Abdy, Peter Child, Marlene Jacopin, Iisara Thaothong, Adriano Trapani, John & Zachary Underwood and Mr. Zen. Open daily from 11am till 11pm at Firefly till Nov 30,2017

Date : 29 SEPTEMBER-30 NOVEMBER 2017


The 3 pieces of the latest series by Mr.Zen, "The Silhuette" is showing the meaning of life and human being by using the simple but special tecnique on his paintings as 'The lady of Vanuatu' , 'Hand of artists' and ' Keeping for kids'.
Mr.Zen still plays with our thought process and minds that is how to enjoy with his artworks.